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CBCT (Part 2): Common Pathology and Incidental Findings
Presenter: Dr. Varsha Kadyan
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 11/13/23
  In the second CE webinar of this two-part series on CBCT Technology, Dr. Varsha Kadyan will cover anatomy and its variants with common pathology. At the conclusion of this webinar, attendees will be able to differentiate between normal, variant, and pathologic anatomy, will learn to recognize common pathology and lesions, and will become familiar with common incidental findings in the dentoalveolar region.

CBCT (Part 1): Basics and Interpretation
Presenter: Dr. Varsha Kadyan
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 10/30/23
  CBCT technology has transformed the practice of dentistry and has become the standard of care. CBCT has not only improved the diagnosis and treatment outcome but has also helped with patient education and treatment acceptance. In the first CE webinar of this two-part series participants will get a better understanding of basic CBCT imaging and 3D anatomy, will learn to navigate a CBCT volume, and have an understanding of radiology interpretation and the associated legal liabilities.

Sinus Perforations: Immediate Management, Techniques and Materials
Presenter: Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 8/30/22
  Sinus perforations occur commonly during several clinical situations. These include conventional extractions of teeth with close proximity of the roots to the sinus floor, peri-apical lesions with bone loss extending into the sinus, and membrane tear during sinus lift bone augmentation procedures. If untreated, such perforations may persist as oral antral fistulas or compromised healing. While proper 3-D diagnostic imaging and techniques are important in prevention of such complications, clinicians must be prepared to manage such perforations should they occur. In this CE webinar, Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi presents commons clinical circumstances where sinus perforations may occur, and discusses immediate management strategies using either a single- or triple-layer technique.

Why CBCT Imaging is Vital to Your Dental Practice
Presenter: Dr. Bruno Azevedo
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 11/23/21
  Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT), or Cone Beam, is an indispensable tool for diagnostic imaging in the modern dental practice. Choosing the most suitable CBCT scanner for your office can be a daunting task. In this interactive CE webinar, Dr. Bruno Azevedo will explain the five imaging pillars to consider when making a CBCT scanner decision - acquisition protocols, data correction, data navigation tools, interpretation, and data integration. He will describe how precise, consistent scanning aligned with image resolution can positively impact your diagnosis and practice workflow.

Easier, Better, Faster: Endo Tips for GPs, From a GP
Presenter: Dr. Douglas Ness
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 9/21/21
  In this CE webinar, we will explore how the combination of making good endodontic technology choices along with good diagnostic and technical knowledge will streamline your endodontic procedures. Taking a systematic approach, as our specialist colleagues do, in case planning and the actual operative procedure flow, will skyrocket your productivity and success in endodontic therapy for your patients.

Three Dimensional Imaging and Three Dimensional Endodontics
Presenter: Dr. Ali Nasseh
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 4/8/20
  In this CE webinar, Dr. Nasseh discusses the applications of 3D imaging in endodontic care and its diagnostic and treatment planning aid during clinical care. Should you get a microscope or a CBCT machine? Is 3D Imaging helpful or a mere adjunct? When is CBCT analysis helpful or necessary?

Rotary Negotiation and Shaping
Presenter: Dr. Stephen Buchanan, DDS, FICD, FACD
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 3/23/20
  In this CE webinar, we will cover:
• how to properly use a motor for initial negotiation
• how a built-in apex locator can help you move the stop more accurately
• how to save minutes per canal and hours per week in clinical endodontics

New Innovations in Navigating Root Canals Using the Latest Apex Locators and Endo Motors
Presenter: Dr. Aaron Welk
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 11/28/18
  Few areas in dentistry have seen more technological advancements in the past 25 year than in endodontics. Rotary instrumentation and length determination using electronic apex locators are part of this arena. New endo motors with apex locator is one of the latest technological advancements that streamlines chairside efficiency. These cordless handpieces incorporate new technology that help to improve the efficiency and predictability of contemporary root canal procedures. This CE webinar will review these features and strategies to approaching clinical cases while using this new endodontic rotary technology.

Preserving the Alveolar Ridge in a Novel and Simple Predictable Method
Presenter: Dr. Veronique Benhamou
CE Credits: 1 CEU (Home Study)

Release Date: 11/14/18
  Preserving and/or augmenting the alveolar bone following an extraction have become a gold standard in the current world of Implantology. A brief review of the wound healing process of extraction sockets, the rationale for alveolar bone preservation and the steps leading to facilitating prosthetic based surgical implant placement will be reviewed, including methods of atraumatic tooth extractions. Many techniques offer excellent results but are surgically demanding and not necessarily cost effective to our patients. A novel, simple and predictable method of ridge preservation will be discussed.
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